These rules have been established to ensure fair elections and to provide all unit owners interested in running for a seat on the Board the opportunity to do so.


§ 718. Sep 29, 2022 · Before the 2020 pandemic, annual membership meetings were a time for owners to get together and discuss community issues while anxiously awaiting for election ballots to be counted.



A: Section 720. Unless otherwise provided in this chapter. Adopted Rules.


fc-smoke">Jun 24, 2020 · P. , (SB 630, Page 89) Parcel owners may now challenge a recall rejected by the Board of Directors in a court of law rather than pursue arbitration through the Division of Florida Condominiums. c.

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Our board continues to cut down trees without a good reason other than to say the roots are lifting pavers or undermining the foundation.

class=" fc-falcon">1. Make sure you check your state’s laws on HOA elections, and check that you’re following them properly.

fc-smoke">Jun 24, 2020 · P. Jan 31, 2014 · The Florida Statutes, in combination with the Florida Administrative Code (F.

Jan 20, 2019 · fc-falcon">In a condominium, Florida Statutes section 718.
Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, the Homeowners Association Act (the “Act”) states in Section 720.



. ) Provide Access to Common Area Meeting Space – The election rules must ensure access to the association’s common area meeting space (if any exists) during a campaign at no cost, to all candidates (including non-incumbents), and to all members advocating a point of view (including those not endorsed by the board), for. HOA board election rules are essential if you want to hold fair and smooth elections.

718. . Lauderdale and Orlando. HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATIONS Entire Chapter. .


Another case of HOA election fraud happened in 2017 in Florida. .

Florida law prohibits proxy voting; board.


Apr 28, 2021 · HOA Election Procedures Explained Apr 28, 2021 | Associations , Community , Elections , Florida , Rules Regulations Q: What is the accepted practice that my homeowners’ association should follow for opening and counting secret ballots used to elect the board?.


"It's a self nomination process.